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A little story..

Hey there beautiful!

Welcome to Melt & Glow and thankyou for choosing us. We promise you the best quality products which are made with so much love and care.  We are so proud of our little brand and we would love to share it with you!

Melt & Glow began October 2020. However we couldn't decide on the name.  We went through so many possible variations, even to the point we were said about naming it after our beautiful little love bug, Ivy-belle (the cat).  But instead Melt & Glow came to us, it grew up and became a brand! Something which I never expected to happen.  Ivy is still around, however now she just helps package boxes sometimes ... [well, by help I mean steal the foam hearts out of packages!] Another reason why cruelty free was one of the most important things because my two kitties are my babies! ♡

Anyway back to 2020 .. I have always been into creating things and I felt a little crafty - as a lover of home fragrance, I wanted to create presents for my family...  SO! Wax melts it was, I created my old logo, packaging, spent hours and hours researching, watching every video on YouTube, checked out so many different oil companies and it became an obsession.  However the obsession became bigger and bigger and over time, I started to sell to friends and family, then more and more people were interested.  Everyone gave ideas - so I went for it.   I can proudly say I have created every logo, every brand, every advert, all of my labels for my packaging and I feel like that's what makes it so special.  I have refused to just be 'another one of the wax melt sellers'.  My aim was unique, a different experience and honestly, I wanted to give something to people to help relax and maybe help them feel a little better about life!


Then I fell down the Bath & Body hole and well.. That story can tell it self.  As someone with very sensitive skin, I have done the best I can to find skin safe products, with gentle formulations, not full of nasties such as parabens but still smells and looks amazing.  That then turned into a whole range of products! Why can you trust Melt & Glow? well as someone who is a fully trained and qualified beautician who has fabulous knowledge of skin, I know what is good! I know what is beneficial without the huge price tag and all ingredients used are beneficial in many ways! My promise to you is the fact we do not compromise and will only create the best.  If I am not happy with it, then it is back to the drawing board (well.. shed - that's where the magic really happens).


 Call be bias, but there is not one day which goes by that I am not obsessed or use it! Also.... the boyfriend is happy because my bathroom is no longer filled with 50 different products because Melt & Glow offers multi-purpose products for the best value!!  I mean, go check it out yourself ;)