What is Melt & Glow?

Melt & Glow is a small business located in Guernsey where everything (even down to the labels) are hand made! We aim to be as unqiue as possible with an exciting shopping experience from the get go. We have a hige range of scents which you can find in almost all of our Home Fragrance items and a great variety in our Bath & Body. We also create personalised items which are all made to order and you are involved in every step of the way!

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Of course! Every single product we use is the best on the market. We have alot of ingirdients between all of our products and we are so proud to say we are cruelty free. None of our products are tested on animals [which is something we are completely against]. All of our products are vegan and skin safe. Melt & Glow has two cats which are very special to our hearts, so we make sure everything is safe to use around them so you have peace of mind around your furry friends too! We only use Fragrance Oils which are safe, wheras Essential oils are not.. so we avoid these completely.

How do I use?

Please refer to the product you are enquiring about. Each product has a 'Product desctiption' box which has been especially designed for each product by us to help you the best we can.

Can you help me with a product?

Of course! Whether that is down to allergens, scent choices or recommendations or even help with a product, please contact us here via the website or through our social media platforms. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

How long do I have to wait to recieve my order?

Local orders - We aim to get your order to you within 3-5 working days. Depending on the demand that week, so have anywhere between 1-3 delivery days. Depening on your order, the time will vary. Because almost all of our products are made to order and it's only one person making your goodies, please allow an extra day or so for this. Pre-order items do not have a delivery date, you will get notified on this as soon as they arrive as usually we have to pre-order these and then wait for them to be delievered. We do usually get most orders out within 72 hours, sometimes even sooner. But please be patient with us, we work around other jobs too! Shipping, again - Same as above, but depending on location you will need to add a few days ontop for Royal Mail.

Can I order a gift/special delivery?

You can! Either leave us a note in your order at check-out or contact us through the website or Social Media with your order number. Let us know if you require any additional notes added in. We can remove order forms too, so they do not see costs. We can also wrap items. We are happy to discuss any special requests. We are a completly private and non-judgemental, so there are no limits!! We are happy to accomodate all kinds of requests. [respectfully within reason]

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! We are as environmentally friendly as possible, where possible. You can recycle and re-use our packaging if you desire.

How do I use a Wax / Jelly / Squeezy melt or Scented Crystals?

Firstly, Make sure you choose to use is safe to use for wax melts [we prefer tea light burners as they burn hotter therefore a stronger scent throw] We advise not to use in oil burners as this can set alight. Our Wax Melts are made with the strongest fragrance load which means you don't need to use loads. We recommend between 1-2 segments. Our Jelly Melts can be peeled out of the packaging and put into your burner, we suggest the 'Flip Method' - which is when the smell become less strong, once it is cooled down, peel away and flip over and use until scent is weakened. Our Scented Crystal posts can be used by pouring desired amount into your burner. We personally use half to begin with [depening on the strength], you can add the rest or use all at once. This is up to you. Squeezy Melts are to be added to your burner, just squeeze a desired amount in and it will melt pretty quickly. Add more depending on strength. Do not overfill your burner. If you see steam coming from your burner don’t worry! This is completely normal, this is just the fragrance oil burning off. When your wax starts to smell weaker or not at all, it is time to change it. [Please be advised that it is normal for some wax scents to be stronger than others, you may find they last a little longer also. This is normal due to each fragrance being its own unique formula and some scents are naturally stronger]

Do you offer Wholesale?

We can do, however due to cosmetic laws in the UK are different tho those in the Channel Islands, we cannot ship certain products over-seas yet. (This is being sorted) However, please contact us via Meltandglow@hotmail.com to discuss wholesale.

How do I change/clean my wax burner?

Ensure the burner is hot and the wax is melted, simply pop a few cotton balls or pads into your wax and wait for them to soak up the liquid, wipe and throw away. Be careful, the wax will be hot. Alternatively, when cold, heat your burner for 20-30 seconds or until you can free the wax with a small amount of pressure on the edge of the melt, it will slide out for easy disposal. We also advise you do this close to a bin to prevent any drops or spillage. Wipe any residue away then you will be ready to use a new melt. Sit back and enjoy * IMPORTANT WARNING * Please do not leave your wax burner unattended at any time. This is a fire hazard. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Do not have a wax burner near any drafts, for example; fans or open windows. We also advise against burning your wax in a cold room, this may cause the wax to bloom, not melt evenly and ruin some scent. For Jelly Melts, allow to cool completely. Once cool and solid again, peel away. Wipe any excess away with kitchen paper. For squeezy wax, same method above for wax melts, or scoop out with kitchen paper when cold as Squeezy melts will cool back soft, never hard. Never use anything sharp to remove the wax from your burner. This may cause injury or damage the burner.

Should I cure my wax melts?

As you know, we are a small business so we make alot of our products to order as we currently do not have the facitity to be able to bulk stock many wax melts. We make larger batches of the more popular scents, so these usually are cured. However, your scent may new freshly made. We always advise of this wish a label to let you know. We always advise to wait 48-72 hours [if you can] so your scent can cure. What do you mean cure? By curing, we mean for the scent to reach maximum scent throw, Bascially, the longer you leave it in a closed package, the stronger the scent will be over time. We do use the full allowance of fragrance per batch, so you can use it straight away [which we do] if you desire - But you may find some scents are naturally not as strong as others, so don't worry! Wait a few days and all should be good!

Possible dangers with Wax Melts, Jelly Melts & Scented Crystals.

So.. you may have seen a few little comments around about the safety of these products, so we will share a few tips for maximum safety. ONLY use a wax burner which is for wax. DO NOT use an oil burner. These are much smaller. DO NOT leave your burner unnattended Hot jelly can midly burn if you touch it when it's burning, so avoid touching it. ONLY use a 4 hour tea light, unscented candle. DO NOT use around soft furnishings. DO NOT leave in reach of children or pets. All fragrances are made after Safety Data Sheets are checked, certain fragrances cannot go in Jelly Melts due to certain temperatures, so please be advised we check this and unfortunaly cannot offer every scent in Jelly. Please do contact us with any questions! We are well educated with our products and more than happy to help. No question is a stupid question with us :)

Frequently asked questions related to our Bath & Body and Home Fragrance products.