store policy


At Melt & Glow we are committed to protecting your privacy.  We will not share or release any of your information.  When you choose Melt & Glow you are guaranteed full confidence.

We strictly follow GDPR and if you require any help in regards to your account, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We proudly use third-party banking to verify payments, this is done through certified systems which means we do not have access to any of your bank details.  This means even when we refund, it is done via a secure baking system.

When you commit to a purchase on the website, we collect the relevant information needed.  For example; your email address is kept on the system so we can email you details such as confirmation of your successful purchase or shipping information.  If you chose to not shop with us again, you are in your rights to ask for us to delete this information from our system. 


Are you a local business who would like to do a collaboration? Or a retailer looking to stock a beautifully made, new item? We may be able to help! We are fully flexible and can work with many requests.  We are proudly insured and Cosmetically Accessed, meaning all of our products will come with correct labelling.   Bulk orders will most likely be made to to order, so payment would be required once agreed before stock is created.  You will not own any rights for exclusivity to Melt & Glow.

We do not have a minimum amount for a wholesale order, but please contact us to discuss ordering in bulk.  All of our products can be wholesale. 



Credit / Debit Cards

♡ Offline Payments (Please contact us)

♡ Apple Pay